Yup, if you’re a Friend of the Blog, you can get a pair of these for yourself! 
Read how below.

This past Labor Day weekend marked the fifth anniversary of CommLawBlog in its present form. (We test-drove a version on another blog platform starting in April, 2007, but the following year got serious and moved to a Big Boy platform provided by our friends at LexBlog, under the direction of a new Blogmeister.) We’re probably as surprised as anybody at how far we’ve come in those five years.

Thanks to our able, experienced and knowledgeable FHH contributors (you know who they are), we have developed a deep, rich and searchable archive of more than 1,600 posts, covering a wide range of issues geared to those interested in the regulation of communications. We pride ourselves on bringing our readers timely and accurate information and analysis that they will find useful, occasionally amusing, and always readable.

We’re especially grateful to our readers, a large and still-growing crew who aren’t shy about letting us know what’s on their minds. Please keep your comments and emails coming.

We asked the Swami to take a look ahead and give us a hint at what might be on the horizon but, channeling his best Timbuk 3, all he could tell us is that the future’s so bright, we’ve got to wear shades. No problem! To celebrate our Fifth, we managed to convince the Powers-That-Be to let us get some totally bitchin’ CommLawBlog sunglasses for Friends of the Blog (FoB). (Check out the two styles in the photo above.)

If you’re an FoB and you want your pair of CommLawBlog shades, drop us a note telling us why you think you’re an FoB and, if we agree, we’ll send you a pair. (Retro or wraparound? YOU make the call.)  You can send it to us through a comment (we won’t post it if you ask us not to) or by email to cole AT fhhlaw DOT com.

Don’t feel like writing? Not to worry. We’ll be sending a bunch of shades down to the NAB Radio Show in Orlando in a couple of weeks with Davina. She’ll be appearing on a regulatory panel on September 18 – stop by, tell her why you’re an FoB, and ask for your pair. We’ll make sure other FHH folks bring some along when they appear elsewhere, too. Don’t be shy. 

But once you get them, you’ve got to wear them . . . ALL the time. As we all know, when you’re cool, the sun never sets.