LPFM applications are now available in CDBS; far fewer were filed than had been expected.

2,799 is the magic number – at least according to our friend, Dave Doherty at Skywaves Consulting. That would be Dave’s calculation of the number of LPFM applications filed during the just-closed window period. So if you had 2,799 in your office pool, you should be a happy camper – if, that is, Dave’s calculation holds up. (We had heard a slightly different unofficial figure of 2,819 from another usually reliable source, although a wild card search of CDBS does seem to confirm Dave’s number. Whoever’s holding the stakes in your pool might want to hold off on the pay-out until that slight discrepancy gets cleared up.)

In any event, the LPFM applications are now apparently available in CDBS, so Dave has worked his spreadsheet magic again (like he did earlier this year, on the FM translator front). If you would like to see Dave’s list of 2,799 sorted by state, city and frequency, click here; if you’d like to see the list sorted by frequency, state and city, click here. His lists are unofficial, of course, but they should provide anyone who’s interested a reasonably complete look at the lay of the LPFM land post-window. At a minimum, they should help interested folks get at least a sense of who filed, where, and for what channels.

In any event, the total number of LPFM applications filed appears to be vastly below the worst-case scenarios that a number of observers had feared. Why was the final number so small compared with the pre-window speculation? It’s impossible to say right now, and we may never know for sure. But the fewer LPFM applications that got filed in this go-round, theoretically the more opportunities for FM translators still exist – and that could bode well for AM folks, should the AM revitalization proceeding lead to an AM-only window for new FM translators.

We understand that the Commission’s staff is already hard at work examining the LoPo applications that were filed, whatever the precise number. While some winnowing is almost certain to occur as defective applications – and you’ve got to expect that there are at least some in that category – get weeded out, the smart money seems to think that several hundred singleton LPFM permits may be grantable in very short order. Check back here for updates on that front.

[Blogmeister’s Update (11/22/13, 3:45 p.m.): We have received official word of the final tallies from the FCC. They received a total of 2,799 applications for new LPFM permits. (Props to Dave Doherty – he nailed that number.) Additionally, 19 applications for major changes to outstanding LPFM licenses and two applications for major changes to outstanding LPFM CPs were filed, bring the grand total to 2,820. And Jim Bradshaw, Deputy Chief, Engineering of the Audio Division, has advised us that the staff has already accepted (as of 11/22/13) more than 100 singleton LPFM applications. (Acceptance starts the 30-day petition to deny period.)]