A chance for you to hear directly from CommLawBlog contributors and friends.

CommLawBlog is pleased to announce the debut of a new feature: CommLawBlog Live!

From time to time, we will present our bloggers, and maybe even some outside guests, discussing communications law issues in a live online format. The kick-off show is set for Tuesday, April 22, at 3:00 p.m. – it will feature Kevin “The Swami” Goldberg and Harry “Blogmeister” Cole sharing their observations about the Aereo oral argument in the Supreme Court (which both will be attending earlier that day). Which Justices asked what questions? How did counsel respond? What does it all mean for broadcasters, MVPD’s, copyright holders, viewers, Aereo? And who knows what else?

Kevin and Harry, both veteran Supreme Court watchers, have been all over the Aereo saga for two years. If you like reading their posts on CommLawBlog.com, we expect you’ll like hearing them live and on-screen.

We’ll be using our usual webinar process, but don’t expect this to be like other webinars you may have attended. PowerPoints? Probably not. Off-the-cuff comments, casual banter, the occasional pointed critique? Count on it. Fun? We sure hope so. Keen insight? You’ll have to be the judge.

The April 22 CommLawBlog Live! test drive will be a complement to the more traditional webinar presented by Kevin and Harry as an Aereo primer in advance of the Supreme Court argument. If you missed that session, you can catch the recorded version by clicking on this link.

Registration for the first CommLawBlog Live! is now open – just click on the button below. Registration is first-come, first-served. Space is limited, so register sooner rather than later.