Last year we reported on the adoption of new service rules governing AWS-3 spectrum use. And as we also reported a couple of months later, those rules took effect in July, 2014, except for a handful of provisions that had to be run through the Paperwork Reduction Act drill at the Office of Management and Budget. The good news is that, according to a notice in the Federal Register, that hurdle has now been cleared for Sections 2.1033(c)(19)(i)-(ii), 27.14(k) and (s), 27.17(c), 27.50(d)(3), 27.1131, 27.1132, and 27.1134(c) and (f). As a result, all of those sections have become effective as of January 28, 2015. That leaves only some revisions to Section 2.106 (the Table of Frequency Allocations) still in limbo. Don’t look for those last lingering changes to kick in until after the auction of the 1755-1780MHz band has been wrapped up. Check back here for updates on that front.