According to SNL Kagan, recognized as one of the preeminent sources of financial analysis in the media business, in 2014 Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth served as legal adviser in more media/entertainment/new media transactions than any other law firm – by a long shot again. Hey, isn’t this the same post we put up last year … and the year before … and the year before that … AND the year before that? Yes, indeed. And again, the total number of transactions that brought FHH back to the top of the charts for the fifth year in a row – 139 (a solid 24% uptick from 2013’s 112) – was more than twice the number of the First Runner Up.

Through the worst of some very rugged economic times, our clients continued to thrive and remain active on the transactions front. And now, as the dark clouds of the Great Recession seem to be parting at last, our clients have continued to call on us to provide guidance and counsel in structuring their deals and navigating them through the regulatory process.

As we have in past years, we congratulate our clients for their successes, we thank them for the confidence they have placed in us, and we look forward to providing the same quality representation to clients, old and new, that we have been providing for more than 75 years.