If you have planned your summer vacation plans around the FCC’s TV Channel Sharing Webinar that was originally scheduled for July 22, we hope you can get your deposit money back. But cheer up – now you’ve got the afternoon of July 22 free and clear! That’s because the Commission has announced that the webinar is being postponed three weeks and a day. According to a public notice released July 21 (talk about last minute), the webinar is now slated to occur on Thursday, August 13, 2015 from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm EST.

The same topics are expected to be covered. (We described those in our earlier post about the webinar.) As a reminder, if you want to attend, just click on this link, enter your name and email address, enter the password “fcc123” and click on “Join”. (As we indicated previously, we don’t know for sure whether the password is case sensitive; we’re showing it here as provided by the FCC in the postponement notice. Heads up: When the webinar was originally scheduled, the “F” in the password was upper case.) You’ll be able to send in your questions through learn@fcc.gov. You’ll also be able to score a set of the slides off the Commission’s LEARN website.