The FCBA’s Annual Charity Auction, that is.

If you’re going to be in Washington on November 5, be sure to clear your evening schedule. That’s the night of this year’s Annual Charity Auction hosted by the FCBA’s Young Lawyers Committee. November 5 is a Thursday, if that makes a difference to you. The place: The Sphinx Club at the Almas Temple (conveniently located at 1315 K Street, NW, in downtown D.C.). The time: Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.  They’re estimating last call for some time around 10:00 p.m., but once things start rolling, it’ll probably be hard to keep track of the time.

Oh, yeah – did we mention that it’s free? AND you get two free drinks (plus food) just for showing up and bidding on any (or all) of the way cool stuff up for grabs? What’s not to like?

For the last several years we here in the CommLawBlog bunker have enthusiastically shilled for the Auction, but only at the last minute – because that’s when we could finally lay our hands on the auction prize list. (Check out our previous posts here, here and here.) This year, the fine folks in charge of the Auction suggested we might want to put up a “Save the Date” post, and we’re happy to oblige.

We still don’t have this year’s prize list, because the organizers are still in the process of collecting the swag to give away. (Hot tip: We hear that one of the prizes is going to be – are you sitting down? – a South African safari!!! But you didn’t hear that from us.) They’ve promised to slip us an advance copy of the full list as soon as it’s nearly ready to go to the printer; when that happens, we’ll post a preview of the goodies on the auction block. For now, our mission is simple: Get the word out about the date so that you can arrange your schedule accordingly.

Mission accomplished.

Not going to be in D.C. on November 5? No problem – there’s going to be an online auction, too.

(BTW – If you’ve got something to contribute to be auctioned – and you know that you probably do – they want to hear from you. Contact Starsha Valentine at the FCBA. Her email is You’ll also need to complete an Auction Donation Form, but Starsha can totally hook you up with that, or you can download it here.)