Back in August we reported on a Report and Order (R&O) adopting a range of new rules governing wireless microphones, rules aimed at accommodating wireless mic use both during and after the upcoming re-packing of the TV spectrum. That R&O has now been published in the Federal Register. As a result, we now know that most (but not all) of the new rules will take effect on December 17, 2015. (The revisions to two sections – §§15.37(k) and 74.851(l) – will not be kicking on that date. They’re “information collections” that require further review and approval from the Office of Management and Budget, thanks to the hilariously-named Paperwork Reduction Act.)

The Federal Register publication also starts a couple of other clocks running: anyone inclined to ask the Commission to reconsider all or part of the R&O has until December 17 to get a petition for reconsideration on file; and anyone bent on seeking judicial review has until January 18, 2016, to get a petition for review on file with the federal court of appeals of their choice. (Note, however, that any would-be appellant with his or her heart set on being heard by a particular circuit should probably (a) file by November 27 and then (b) follow the steps necessary to get into the judicial lottery, should one be necessary.)