If you missed our recent webinar (featuring FCC political broadcasting guru Bobby Baker) covering All Things Political Broadcasting, don’t worry. You can attend ex post facto, in absentia (if that’s such a thing), by listening to the whole two-hour production online. Just click on this link. As with folks who attended the live event, you’ll need to provide your name and email address (and, optionally, the station(s) you’re affiliated with). But with those few keystrokes, you’ll be watching and listening to Bobby – along with FHH experts Dan Kirkpatrick, Frank Jazzo, Matt McCormick and Justin Faulb – expound on the full range of issues likely to face broadcasters during the 2016 political season.

The recording is also available to those who did attend, of course – just click on the link above. And if anyone just wants to have a copy of the PowerPoint slides sans audio commentary, you can click here. (While the slides provide a comprehensive summary of what you need to know, you’ll miss out on a wealth of nuance, anecdote and insight if you take a pass on the recording. Just saying.)

And, as promised during the webinar, we are also providing Bobby’s contact information – including his cellphone number – for anyone wanting to reach him directly with specific questions.

We want to extend a big CommLawBlog thanks to Bobby for making his time and expertise available to one and all, and also to our State Association friends for helping to make the webinar a rousing success!