BLT-2016-1FHH Profs Montero and Kirkpatrick show them how it’s done.

If you’re going to learn, you’re best off learning from the best. That’s why, each year, a class of aspiring broadcast executives makes the pilgrimage to NAB’s D.C. HQ to participate in the 10-month Executive MBA-style program created by the National Association of Broadcasters Educational Fund (NABEF). The Broadcast Leadership Program trains the best and brightest in the knowledge and skills they’ll need when it comes time for them to assess, buy, own and operate radio and television stations. It provides “a blueprint for talented businesspeople to become a greater part of the industry and increase the diversity of voices available to the public”, according to the BLT website. (Check out this page of the website for information on how to apply for next year’s program; applications are due by May 31, 2016.)

So who’s teaching these up-and-comers? A wide range of professionals who know what they’re talking about because they’ve experienced it all first-hand. What kind of “professionals”? “Leading communications attorneys”, according to the BLT site. Which describes, to a T, FHH mavens (and CommLawBlog contributors) Frank Montero and Dan Kirkpatrick, who recently led the BLT session on the ins and outs of closing on a broadcast acquisition. This isn’t their first rodeo, either – Professors M and K have taught enough classes in the past to get them tenure (if there were such a thing).

This year’s class includes: Erika Beasley, Lori Flowers, Kenneth W. Forte, Tricia Gallenbeck, Laura Griffith, Karima Khawja, Paul Levingston, Rita Marcocci, Jim Roberts, James Robinson, Samuel Tatum, Cedric Thomas, Lori Waldon, Tim Ward and Steve Zafiropulos. They’re shown in the photo above, along with Frank and Dan. (That’s Frank in the front on the right, on one knee; Dan’s in the center at the back.) Obviously, a good time was had by all.

And how can you tell these students are the Future of Broadcasting? One obvious tip-off: They’re all wearing their coveted CommLawBlog sunglasses. (The Bestowal of The Shades is an annual rite de passage when Frank and Dan take the podium. Don’t you wish you had a pair?)