fhh drone-3Many readers will recall our promotional posts about the webinar on the current status of UAS regulation scheduled for last week. (Wait a minute – UAS? You may be more used to hearing about “drones”, but you’d better get used to referring to them as “Unmanned Aircraft Systems”, because that’s how the FAA refers to them.) The webinar took off on schedule, flew smoothly and landed safely, as more than 100 attendees can attest.

If you missed the show and are kicking yourself, kick no more. We’ve got you covered. You can get to a recording of the entire webinar here, so it’ll almost be like you were there in the first place. To access the recording, you’ll be asked to provide your name and email address, but you would have had to do that to sign up for the webinar anyway.

If you’ve got any questions on the UAS front, don’t hesitate to call on the FHH UAS team. (Oh, OK, you can call it the Drone Team if you must, but don’t tell them we told you to.)