FHH lawyer and CommLawBlog contributor Mitchell Lazarus recognized

The National Spectrum Management Association (NSMA) is an organization of “like minded individuals who take spectrum and regulatory issues very seriously.” Many of its members have been in the spectrum business for decades. Proper stewardship of the spectrum, says their website, is not just “their job but it’s also their avocation and their baby.” When it comes to spectrum management, these folks are the real deal.

So we are extremely pleased and proud to advise our readers that NSMA has recognized FHH’s own Mitchell Lazarus with the 2015 NSMA Fellow Award for his “selfless contributions to the promotion of the efficient use and management of the wireless telecommunications frequency spectrum.”

The award was presented only recently because, as readers may recall, at the time of last year’s NSMA annual meeting in May, 2015, Mitch was dealing with cancer treatment. Happily for all concerned, that treatment was successful and he is with us, both to accept the award and to continue those same selfless contributions for which NSMA honored him.

And, to state the obvious, all the rest of us who have long shared space with Mitch down here in the CommLawBlog bunker heartily join with NSMA in its salute to him.