Effective date of a Wireless Medical Telemetry Service rule is still pending.

Last August we reported on a number of changes in the rules governing wireless mics and white space devices, and last November we reported that the effective date of some, but not all, of those rule changes had been set. The rules not covered by that latter announcement included §§15.713(b)(2)(iv)-(v), (j)(4), (j)(10), and (j)(11), 15.715(n)-(q), 27.1320 and 95.1111(d). Those exceptions – concerning the operations and administration of white space databases – involve “information collections” that had to run past the Office of Management and Budget before they could kick in. But now the FCC has announced that OMB has given its thumbs up to all but one of those provisions. As a result, §§15.713(b)(2)(iv)-(v), (j)(4), (j)(10), and (j)(11), 15.715(n)-(q) and 27.1320 have taken effect as of June 15, 2016.

That leaves only §95.1111(d) still hanging in OMB limbo. It reads in its entirety as follows:

(d) To receive interference protection, parties operating WMTS networks on channel 37 shall notify one of the white space database administrators of their operating location pursuant to §§15.713(j)(11) and 15.715(p) of this chapter.

WMTS is the Wireless Medical Telemetry Service, which operates at a few milliwatts in TV channel 37 – a channel not used for TV, but by radio astronomers to measure the expansion of the Universe. It’s not clear what is holding up OMB approval. We’ll keep our eyes out for any further announcements on that front.