But no, the licenses aren’t yet available.

The FCC’s roll-out of its three new types of experimental licenses – “program licenses” for large-scale innovators, “medical testing licenses” for clinical trials, and “compliance testing licenses” for compliance test labs – has been frustratingly slow. The original order authorizing these categories came out early in 2013, followed by an adjustment two years later. The Office of Management and Budget, which has to approve certain kinds of information collection, signed off last January. The FCC tweaked the rules again in late June to give program licensees access to otherwise restricted frequency bands under certain conditions. That item has now hit the Federal Register and will take effect on August 24, 2016.

The regulatory work is finally done. But you still can’t apply for the licenses. The problem, as far as we can tell, is delays in developing an FCC website on which program licensees will have to register the details of their operations. More details when available.