For some time now we’ve been following the FCC’s efforts to establish the Citizens Broadband Service in the 3550-3650 MHz band. Most recently, back in May, the Commission disposed of several petitions for reconsideration of its April 2015 Report and Order. (We reported on those petitions last September.) In so doing, the Commission put the finishing touches on the rules governing the new service. And now that order has made its way into the Federal Register – which, of course, means that we now know when the new rules will take effect. That magic date is August 25, 2016.

Heads up, though, because some of the new rules will not be kicking in then. To be specific, Sections 1.9046, 96.3, 96.17(b), 96.25(c)(1)(i), and 96.32(a) and (b) all involve new or modified information collections that must first be blessed by the Office of Management and Budget before they can become effective. We’ll keep an eye on their progress through OMB. Check back here for updates.