Is there an easier way to notify the Commission when a station has taken part in the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)? Or does the FCC need to be notified at all?

The agency seeks public input on the issue. The alternative program is a series of agreements between the Enforcement Bureau and a private entity. That’s usually a state broadcast association, which agrees to facilitate station inspections to determine compliance with FCC regulations. Station ABIP participation is voluntary.

The private entities notify their local FCC District Office or Resident Agent Office in writing of those stations that pass the ABIP inspection. The Commission uses the information to determine which facilities have been certified in compliance with its rules so will not be subject to random agency inspections.

To try and reduce the paperwork burden on small businesses with fewer than 25 employees, the FCC is asking whether the compliance notifications are still necessary and/or if there’s a way to automate the process. This query is the Commission’s attempt to comply with the Paperwork Reduction Act.

Comments on the issue are due by January 30, 2017, which is some 60 days after Federal Register publication to or Nicole Ongele.