Do you know what upcoming FCC filing deadlines now and through February apply to you? We do. Note our list is not comprehensive. Other proceedings may apply to you. Please do not hesitate to contact FHH if you have any questions. 

EEO Recruitment – Comments are due by January 30 on a petition concerning EEO recruitment practices. Two licensees have asked that the Commission to allow broadcasters to rely on Internet recruitment sources, coupled with their on-air advertising, when conducting outreach for new job openings. Reply comments are due by February 14.

EEO Public File Reports – All radio and television stations with 5 or more full-time employees located in Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, and Oklahoma must place EEO Public File Reports in their public inspection files by February 1. TV stations must upload the reports to the online public file. Radio stations in the top 50 markets and in an employment unit with five or more employees will have to place these reports in the new online public inspection file; all other radio stations may continue to place hard copies in the paper public file. The report must be posted on station websites too.

EEO Mid-Term Reports – By February 1, all radio stations with 11 or more full-time employees in Kansas, Nebraska, or Oklahoma, and all television stations with 5 or more full-time employees in Arkansas, Louisiana, or Mississippi must electronically file a mid-term EEO report on FCC Form 397, with the last two EEO public file reports attached.

Quarterly Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet – By February 1, all telecommunications carriers, including resellers and Interconnected VoIP providers must file financial statements for 1st Quarter 2017 (November 1, 2016 – February 1, 2017), and projected revenue for 2nd Quarter 2017 (February 1 – May 1, 2017).

Numbering Resource Utilization/Forecast (NRUF) Report – Also by February 1, telecommunications carriers, including Interconnected VoIP providers, receiving numbering resources from the North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA), a Pooling Administrator, or another telecommunications carrier must report their holdings of geographic and/or certain non-geographic (NPA 5XX and 900) telephone numbers to NANPA.

Quadrennial Regulatory Review – Reply Comments are due by February 3 for three petitions for reconsideration of the August 25, 2016 Second Report and Order (FCC-16-107A1) concluding the Commission’s 2010 and 2014 Quadrennial Regulatory Reviews of broadcast ownership rules and deciding to retain the existing rules with some minor modifications.

E911 Location Accuracy Live Call Data Reports – Commercial Mobile Radio Service (CMRS) providers must file their initial E911 Location Accuracy Live Call Data Report with call data for the prior calendar quarter, i.e., October-December 2016 by February 3.

Quarterly PIU Reporting and Certification – By February 14, all prepaid calling card providers (PCCPs) must report percentage of interstate use (PIU) factors and associated call volumes to carriers that provide them with transport services for November 14, 2016 – February 14, 2017. Additionally, PCCPs must file traffic information and a certification signed by a company officer stating that the provider is in compliance with the PIU and USF reporting requirements.

Please contact Anne Goodwin Crump and Dan Kirkpatrick for EEO and other broadcast items and Cheng-yi Liu about telecom items if you have questions about any of these filings.