This is a reminder that on Tuesday, August 22 from 2:00-3:15 p.m. (EDT), FHH carriage gurus Dan Kirkpatrick and Paul Feldman will present a FREE webinar entitled “Must-Carry and Retransmission Consent 2017.”

Free registration for the webinar is available here.

The industry faces an October 1, 2017 deadline requiring all full-power television stations to make elections between must-carry and retransmission consent for the next three-year period.

To help stations (and MVPDs) prepare for this deadline, the webinar will focus on a number of issues surrounding the election process, enforcement of must-carry rights, and negotiation of retransmission consent agreements.  The session will explain the rights and obligations of broadcasters and cable and satellite operators under the FCC’s rules, what has changed since the last round of must-carry/retransmission consent elections, potential pitfalls and hidden concerns regarding carriage, and what the future of carriage and program distribution may involve.

We will address the following questions, along with many others:

  • What should you consider before electing must-carry or retransmission consent?
  • What has changed in the three years since elections were last made?
  • What issues typically arise in retransmission consent negotiations?
  • What are the FCC’s “good faith” negotiation rules?
  • What changes may be coming to the program carriage marketplace that could affect retransmission consent negotiations?

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions during the presentation.  Whether you are seeking must-carry rights to ensure that your station’s programming is seen by all viewers or a retransmission consent agreement to provide a vital revenue stream, this webcast will be must-see viewing for all TV broadcasters given the stakes involved and the complicated relations between cable and satellite companies, broadcasters, and program suppliers.