Compliance has never been more important for public broadcasters. CPB regularly issues forfeitures to public broadcasting stations when the Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) finds non-compliance with the provisions of the Communications Act, the terms of the CSG General Provisions, or errant NFFS reporting.  Compliance, though, is more than just checking boxes and filling out forms.

To help navigate the compliance waters, Fletcher, Heald and Hildreth’s Bob Winteringham presented a free CPB Compliance webinar on Oct. 25, 2017. And now, you can now view the webinar here, on our Youtube page!

You can also download and print the presentation in PDF form here!

The webinar covers:

  • Common Office of Inspector General (“OIG”) audit findings
  • Basic steps public broadcasting stations should take to meet CPB’s minimum compliance requirements
  • And questions that stations frequently ask about CPB-related compliance matters.

If you have any specific questions about issues discussed in the webinar or questions that were not able to be addressed during the webinar’s airing, you can contact Bob Winteringham at