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Do you know what FCC filing deadlines are in the coming months? We do. Time to mark up your calendars so you’re not late on these important deadlines. Call FHH if you have trouble meeting these deadlines or need assistance.

May 15, 2018 – Elimination of the Requirement to File EEO Mid-Term Reports – Reply Comments are due regarding the FCC’s requesting comments on a proposal to eliminate the requirement in Section 73.2080 that TV stations with five or more full-time employees and radio stations with 11 or more full-time employees file mid-term reports on FCC Form 397 with the two most recent public file reports attached.

June 1, 2018 –

EEO Public File Reports – All radio and television station employment units with five (5) or more full-time employees located in Arizona, the District of Columbia, Idaho, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming must place EEO Public File Reports in their public inspection files. For all stations this placement now means uploading the reports to the online public file.  For all stations with websites, the report must be posted there as well. Per announced FCC policy, the reporting period may end ten days before the report is due, and the reporting period for the next year will begin on the following day.

EEO Mid-Term Reports – All television stations with five or more full-time employees and located in Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming must electronically file a mid-term EEO report on FCC Form 397, with the last two EEO public file reports attached.