Photo used courtesy of the Creative Commons Licence

If you were waiting to let the FCC know your thoughts on eliminating the requirement that broadcasters post their licenses, wait no more! The FCC has announced the comment deadline is Aug. 1 with reply comments due Aug. 16. As Matt McCormick wrote last month, the FCC’s push to eliminate the pesky license posting rules is part of the Commission’s Modernization of Media Regulation Initiative, which aims to “remove unnecessary requirements that can impede competition and innovation in the media marketplace.”

The FCC seeks comment on the following items:

  • Whether the rules continue to serve the public interest (given that this information is easily accessible online);
  • Whether these rules serve any public safety purposes; and
  • Whether there is any continuing need for LPTV, FM and TV translator, and booster stations to post signs on their towers reporting the name and address of the contact person and the place where station records are stored.
  • If you need assistance in submitting comments or reply comments, please contact us at 703-812-0400.