As we reported last week, the FCC has proposed new rules to distribute the funds allocated under the Reimbursement Expansion Act (REA). These funds are to be used to reimburse broadcasters that were involuntarily affected by the post-incentive auction repacking of television stations. Under the REA and the proposed rules, FM radio stations and LPTV and TV Translator stations are now eligible for reimbursement funding. With the NPRM’s publication today in the Federal Register, comments can be filed until Wednesday, Sept. 26 with reply comments due Friday, Oct.  26.

As we wrote about last week, Congress allocated a total of an additional $1 billion in reimbursement funds, with $600 million for fiscal year 2018 and an additional $400 million in 2019. For additional information read up on our posts for LPTV and TV Translators and for FM Stations.