The Federal Communications Commission (“FCC” or the “Commission”) on June 4 released in a Public Notice streamlined financial information instructions for full-power/Class A TV stations receiving repack reimbursement that have changed their banking information or have sold or acquired an eligible station and need to transfer the banking information to the new owner.

Eligible entities with a change of non-banking information – including name, mailing address, and contacts listed as authorized agents – will no longer need to file a new Form 1876, but can instead email their changes to a designated FCC email address (provided the email is sent from the account of a contact or authorized agent listed on their current Form 1876). Another difference from the prior procedure is, for those who are changing their banking information, the FCC will now only accept Form 1876 submissions filed in the Commission Registration System (CORES) Incentive Auction Financial Module (CIAFM). Otherwise, repack reimbursement-eligible entities should continue to follow the instructions from the FCC’s Banking Procedures Public Notice published in 2017.

As always, contact us with any questions on the revised procedures.