On March 17th our very own Frank Montero and Seth Williams presented a lecture on how to close a broadcast station acquisition to the latest class of industry leaders.  The session was part of the National Association of Broadcasters Leadership Foundation’s Broadcast Leadership Training Program (BLT).  We are thrilled to be among the supporters of this initiative that imparts on students specific knowledge and expertise essential to evaluate, own, and operate radio and television stations.  The BLT is a highly competitive program that provides business executives with a blueprint to become a more significant part of the broadcast industry, while increasing the diversity in the broadcasting industry.

To apply for the program and learn more about the BLT, visit the BLT website.  Applications for the next year’s class are open, and a proud tradition of the BLT is the class photo with our “famous” and coveted CommLawBlog sunglasses.

The BLT faculty consists of industry professionals and academics with practical experience, including some of the leading communications attorneys in the field.  We are honored to have Frank, Seth, and Kathleen Victory as part of the BLT faculty.  Their contribution to the program will help shape future broadcast leaders.