On June 21st, the FCC announced that the Universal Licensing System (ULS), Tower Construction Notification System (TCNS), E-106 System, and Antenna Structure Registration System (ASR) are now operational following an outage that began on June 9th.  

As discussed in our prior blog post, the FCC had previously extended filing deadlines to address the system outages. Now, with the systems back online, the Commission has released updated guidance regarding due dates: 

Regulatory Filings in ULS and ASR. The deadlines for all regulatory filings due in these systems between June 9, 2023 and June 29, 2023 have been extended to Friday June 30, 2023.  

Special Temporary Authority. All STAs that were set to expire between June 9, 2023 and June 29, 2023 will now expire on Friday June 30, 2023

Historic Preservation Review Periods. For any review periods based on filings made in the TCNS and E-106 systems that were in progress, those periods were paused until the systems came back online. The review periods will now resume as of June 21, 2023. 

Responsive Pleadings. To the extent that due dates are extended for filings to which reply or responsive pleadings are allowed, the actual filing date will trigger the timeframes established by the Commission’s rules for reply or responsive pleadings. 

The FCC further requested in their public notice that parties consider delaying the submission of discretionary filings until after this week. For further information, you can review the Commission’s public notice or contact us at FHH with your questions.