This week, the Commission issued a Public Notice announcing that the filing window for submitting biennial ownership reports will open on October 2, 2023.  All licensees of commercial and non-commercial full power television, Class A television, low power television, AM radio, and FM radio stations, as well as any entity having an attributable interest such licensees, must file biennial ownership reports this year.  These reports must be filed on Form 323 or 323-E by December 1, 2023.  The information in the report must reflect the ownership structure as of October 1, 2023.  The filing fee for ownership reports for licensees of commercial stations is $95 per station.  

Now would be a good time for broadcast licensees to review the last ownership report filed with the FCC to determine if the information remains accurate or must be updated in the report due this year.  FHH is here to assist.  Please contact us to confirm that you want our team to assist in the preparation and filing of your report(s).  If you have any questions about filing your biennial ownership reports, please contact your FHH attorney.