Donald Evans

Photo of Donald Evans Don Evans has a practice covering a wide spectrum of telecommunications fields. He has historically represented major commercial mobile radio providers, having participated in the cellular radio and PCS services since their inception. He has litigated complex broadcast and common carrier hearings before the FCC's ALJs. In addition, he provides counsel and routine filing assistance to multi-station broadcast concerns. He conceived, and overcame strong FCC opposition to a plan that would require the FCC to authorize TV stations to move from small towns in the Rockies to the New York and Philadelphia metro areas. An early practitioner in the field of "wireless cable," he continues to represent Broadband Radio Service companies and their affiliated educational partners through the FCC process.

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700 MHz Recons Rejected

The FCC has taken a quick break from its usual tasks of unleashing broadband and unlocking spectrum to attend to a lingering bit of unfinished business: acting on petitions, filed more than five years ago, seeking reconsideration of the critical service rules governing 700 MHz operations.… Continue Reading