Scott Johnson

Scott Johnson Scott's legal professional life, commencing from his graduation from Duke University School of Law, has been devoted to the practice of communications law. Scott is well known for his representation of mass media clients, including radio and television station owners, broadcast networks and satellite program distributors, as well as universities, hospitals and cities with respect to telecommunications needs and funding. Scott also represents equipment manufacturers and companies which develop communications tower sites. Scott likewise has clients engaged in international radio and television and other international activities. He speaks frequently at radio and television broadcast conventions and seminars, including meetings throughout the country of state broadcast associations and national conventions of the National Association of Broadcasters. Scott is legal counsel to the Alabama Broadcasters Association and the South Carolina Broadcast Association.

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Online Public File to Bring New Scrutiny to Issues/Programs Lists

Believe it or not, the date by which all radio stations must have their complete public files online is now less than six months away. Television stations have been dealing with this reality for several years now, as have large stations in large markets for the past couple of years. Now, every radio station, both … Continue Reading

Large Market Radio Stations Must Have Complete Online Public File by Christmas Eve

Many radio owners have a Commission-imposed deadline looming before Christmas. Most radio stations located in large markets, which have been defined by the Commission in this instance to be the Nielsen Top-50 radio markets, will need to make sure that they have their online public files completely uploaded by December 24, 2016. Each full-power commercial … Continue Reading