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Convention-al Wisdom: Auxiliary Frequency Coordination Provisions for Political Confabs Announced

FCC takes steps in anticipation of extensive auxiliary operation at upcoming conventions, inauguration It looks like Louis Libin won’t be getting much time off this month, or next January either, for that matter. That’s because he has been designated as the single point of contact for frequency coordination operations under Section 74.24 at (deep breath, … Continue Reading

FCC Seeks Additional Comment On Sharing Of Fixed Microwave Spectrum

This new stage of an ongoing inquiry raises the possibility of geographic separation between Fixed Service facilities and certain mobile Broadcast Auxiliary Service operations, and of reserving spectrum for nationwide BAS use. It also seeks to resolve discrepant channelization plans, coordination procedures, and capacity and loading requirements among the various services.… Continue Reading

Sprint Agrees to Buy New Equipment for Television Broadcasters

By Raymond Quianzon

As many broadcasters are aware, Sprint has been negotiating with stations all over the nation to replace certain broadcast auxiliary equipment and reconfigure frequency use at 2 GHz.  While negotiations with full-power broadcasters have been underway for quite some time, discussions with other affected groups - including LPTV and translator licensees and operators of unlicensed remote pick-up equipment (under the 720 hour rule) - had not even begun as of July 31. But as of August 1 that has changed: Sprint has agreed to negotiate with the latter group but has set a very limited time frame for negotiations. Anyone with any interest in this matter should read the following

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