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REC ‘N’ Roll in the FM Band: LPFM Changes Proposed, NCE-FM Changes Requested

Yes, REC Networks (“RECNET”) is on a roll with the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) when it comes to the FM radio broadcast band.  Describing itself as a “leading advocate for a citizen’s access to spectrum with a heavy focus on the LPFM and full-service non-commercial radio,” RECNET has succeeded in getting the FCC to propose … Continue Reading

Unprotected Six?

In a bold move guaranteed to generate heated debate, National Public Radio has asked the Commission to dump Channel 6 protection obligations which have long been imposed on NCE-FM stations.… Continue Reading

Creativity Crushed

Sometimes it doesn't pay to get creative, especially where the FCC's rules are concerned. And sometimes the Commission's Audio Division is inexplicably tougher than its Video Division.… Continue Reading