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Put It In Writing, Part III: Closed Captioning Chores Reassigned

Modified programmer compliance certifications, complaint procedures, to take effect September 22, 2016 For nearly two decades the FCC has been working to insure that television programming is appropriately accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing through closed captioning technology. In 2014 it finally got around to developing quality control standards which it applied not … Continue Reading

Reminder: Video Emergency Info MUST be Accessible to Hearing- and Vision-Impaired Viewers

With tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and the like already upon us -- and many more likely to come -- the FCC has reminded video providers of their obligation to make accessible to viewers with disabilities ALL crisis-related information. This obligation can extend well beyond the immediate geographic impact area of the crisis.… Continue Reading

Closed Captions for the Open Internet?

The captioning requirements will apply only to programming that was previously shown with captions over traditional media such as broadcast or cable. But they represent a stunning expansion of FCC jurisdiction over a vast host of consumer devices not previously regulated. Device manufacturers may well become alarmed.… Continue Reading

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

The FCC's re-vamped process governing complaints relating to closed captioning -- first announced in November, 2008 but still not in effect -- inched closer to implementation recently, but only after one component of the process was sent back to the drawing boards.… Continue Reading

At Long Last, Closed Captioning Order Printed in Federal Register

Back in November the Commission released a Declaratory Ruling, Order and Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (DRONPRM) in which it (a) imposed a number of new obligations on TV licensees and other video programming distributors and (b) sought comment on how the revenue-based per channel exemption from closed captioning requirements should be applied to stations with multicast programming streams. Lo and behold, more than two months later, the DRONPRM was published in the Federal Register, in two separate items, on January 13, 2009. As a result, a couple of clocks are now running.… Continue Reading

Markey to TV Networks: “Caption your Streams, Too”

By Kevin Goldberg

Rep. Edward Markey (D-MA) is considering legislation that would require closed captioning and video descriptions for video streamed on the Internet.  The legislation, currently known in draft form as the ""Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2008"" would essentially impose the same closed captioning on major video providers apply to television stations, while at the same time making video descriptions of broadcast television programs mandatory.  The bill is a response to the growing segment of the population that watches video clips on websites such as YouTube or ...
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