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DTV Transition Update – 680+ Analogs Set To Turn Off Early

As previously reported, the FCC issued a blanket waiver permitting TV stations to turn off their analog as of February 17. However, a February 10 public notice re-emphasizes the potential for "limit[ing]" or "reconsider[ing]" that waiver "in the event that the Commission determines that analog termination on February 17 by a station or group of stations is contrary to the public interest."… Continue Reading

DTV Extension? Senate Says June 12!

Trying to get a fix on exactly when the final DTV transition deadline will be has lately been a lot like trying to nail Jell-o to the wall. The Senate has voted unanimously in favor of extending the deadline from February 17 to June 12.… Continue Reading

NTIA Wait Lists Coupon Requests

That loud clunking noise you heard a little while ago was the NTIA's DTV converter coupon program hitting its upper spending limit. So NTIA has announced that, until Congress slips it some more cash (or until it hits the Powerball), anyone sending in for a DTV coupon will be placed on a waiting list.… Continue Reading