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Nightlight, Pink Slips

A TV station providing "enhanced analog nightlight service" asked the Commission if it could please be relieved of the final three weeks of its analog service commitment. There did not appear to be any significant public concern about continued analog service,and keeping the analog in operation would seriously threaten three staffers whose positions would otherwise have to be terminated.… Continue Reading

Another Friday Night, Another DTV Order

Talk about a 24/7 agency. The FCC has, for the second week in a row, kept its own nightlight burning beyond the usual Friday afternoon quitting time: during the evening of February 20, it adopted new rules and proposed others to govern the recently-extended DTV transition.… Continue Reading

The Commission Hunkers Down For D(TV)-Day

On President's Day itself, the Commission issued a public notice along with what should be the final list of which TV stations will shut down their analog operation the next day - Tuesday, February 17 - and which will stay on the air analog or broadcast "nightlight" or "enhanced nightlight" services.… Continue Reading

Early Analog Shut-Down? FCC Tells 123 Stations to Think Again

The FCC has changed the ground rules for early shut-down of analog TV service, advising 123 stations that, contrary to what the Commission had previously said, they may not do so. If you're one of those stations, the good news is that you can get off the list if you jump through the right hoops. The bad news is that those hoops may pose more of a burden than it's worth.… Continue Reading

DTV Transition Update – 680+ Analogs Set To Turn Off Early

As previously reported, the FCC issued a blanket waiver permitting TV stations to turn off their analog as of February 17. However, a February 10 public notice re-emphasizes the potential for "limit[ing]" or "reconsider[ing]" that waiver "in the event that the Commission determines that analog termination on February 17 by a station or group of stations is contrary to the public interest."… Continue Reading

New Rules On Pulling the Analog Plug

On Thursday afternoon, February 5, the FCC released its long-anticipated public notice regarding termination of analog service on or after February 17 in light of the change in the DTV Transition date from February 17 to June 12.… Continue Reading