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FCC Releases Annual Regulatory Fee Order – Payments Due Sept. 26, 2017

Now that summer and beach season is over, the Commission has finally released the final listing of regulatory fees for 2017 and their due date. While it might not be as big of news as a Taylor Swift release, this is an important time for the Commission which has announced the final amounts due for … Continue Reading

Company Fined $60k for Not Seeking Prior OK to Transfer Licenses

Continued use of expired licenses leads to enforcement action The FCC recently released an Order and Consent Decree that, with a $60,000 fine, acts as a bold reminder to manufacturers, utilities, and other companies that they must seek prior Commission approval to transfer FCC dispatch/internal communications licenses when the licensee company is purchased by or … Continue Reading

Security Interests in FCC Licenses: A Key to Unlocking Capital Sources?

For decades the Federal Communications Commission has refused, as a matter of policy, to allow lenders and equity investors to take security interests in the FCC licenses that permit spectrum users -- broadcasters, wireless operators and all the rest -- to use the spectrum. But with the availability of capital drying up for small- and medium-size broadcasters and telecommunications companies, it is important to examine any kinks in the financial pipeline that might unnecessarily slow, or block, the flow of capital.… Continue Reading