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What Happens in Vegas in April…We’ll Tell You About in May

Regular readers of our “Memorandum to Clients” publication are an astute and well-read bunch (probably because they read the “MTC”). So we’re guessing that  you are generally aware of our usual publication schedule and plan your lives accordingly.  That’s why we want to get ahead of any potential concern this month by telling you that … Continue Reading

Memo to Clients Crossword Puzzle Solution

The November issue of FHH’s Memo to Clients featured the annual FCC-themed crossword puzzle (title this year: “Calls of the Wild”). While this year’s MTC Puzzle Maven Skip Pizzi made short work of it (rocking in with a completed grid almost before we had sent the puzzle out), others may have encountered more difficulties than Skip. … Continue Reading

We Have A Wiener!!!

As you may know, the November issue of our Memo to Clients has, for the past several years, included an FCC-themed crossword puzzle, and this year was no exception. The issue was shipped out the day before Thanksgiving, and lo and behold, the following Tuesday we received word that one of our faithful readers had successfully … Continue Reading