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NCE On-Air Fund-Raising For Japan Relief Efforts

To facilitate the ability of noncommercial broadcasters to undertake on-air fund-raising in support of relief efforts for victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the FCC has spelled out the easy steps necessary for noncoms to obtain waivers of the general prohibition against on-air fund-raising for non-licensees.… Continue Reading

Brrrrrrr – The Chill Is On

The FCC has announced an immediate freeze on certain FM allotment proposals -- and an eventual freeze on ALL FM applications -- in light of the upcoming December filing window for 67 FM channels reserved for non-commercial use.… Continue Reading

FCC to NCE’s: Ixnay on the “Cold Refreshing Beer”

The Commission has added to the lexicon of things you can't say on the radio, if you're a noncommercial broadcaster and you're referring to people or companies who have provided you with underwriting support. This time around, the target is nothing less than (cue ominous music) . . . "cold refreshing beer".… Continue Reading

Creativity Crushed

Sometimes it doesn't pay to get creative, especially where the FCC's rules are concerned. And sometimes the Commission's Audio Division is inexplicably tougher than its Video Division.… Continue Reading

NCE-FM Fined $9K for Families and Ice Cream

By Peter Tannenwald

The FCC is on the prowl again, this time striking at a station for going over the line with "underwriting" announcements before it gave up the noncommercial ship and switched to commercial status.  And the attack was on the sacred national treasure -- Tastee Freeze ice cream.

You will recall that noncommercial stations may acknowledge funding but may not use qualitative terms or suggest that listeners should make a purchase.

The announcements on this station (WCVZ, South Zanesville, Ohio) said that Tastee Freez products are "tastefully decorated" -- whoops, that says they are of good quality -- ...… Continue Reading

Progress Seen On NCE Permit Front

By Lee Petro and Harry Cole

The Commission has released a public notice identifying 263 groups each consisting of four or fewer mutually exclusive applications for noncommercial educational (NCE) FM permits filed during the 10-day window in October, 2007.

So the good news is that we are now - five months after the close of the window - finally starting to see some movement on those MX applications.

he bad news is that the FCC reports that it received approximately 3,600 applications in all during the window, and only a fraction of those are ...Continue Reading

Expedited Settlement Opportunity for NCE FM Applicants Available Until January 7, 2008

By Harry Cole

The FCC has announced that applicants who filed during the recent noncommercial educational (NCE) FM filing window may settle with mutually exclusive (MX) applicants and receive expedited processing of their proposals as long as the settlement agreements and any related technical amendments are filed by January 7, 2008. (Of course, as the Commission's public notice acknowledges, mutually exclusive applicants may settle at any time - not just within this prescribed window - but the FCC has indicated that settlements filed by January 7 will receive expedited processing.)

In order ...… Continue Reading

FCC to NCE Applicants: Ten’s the Limit

By Harry Cole

As we predicted here just a month ago, the FCC has adopted a limit on the number of applications which any party may file for new stations in the NCE FM window which is slated to open on October 12 and close on October 19. The limit is TEN - count 'em, TEN - applications for new stations. The FCC's public notice announcing this decision may be found here.

This means that any party, be that party an individual, corporation, partnership, or whatever, may ...

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FCC Proposes Caps for October NCE Filing Window

Bureau issues instructions, guidelines for window filers

By Harry Cole


On August 9, two items relating to the upcoming filing window for new and major change NCE authorizations were issued.  In a Notice of Proposed Rule Making, the Commission has proposed capping at 10 the number of applications any applicant will be able to file.  The comment and reply comment deadlines, will be established once the NPRM is published in the Federal Register, are short.   Meanwhile, the Bureau issued a public notice setting out the procedures that would apply to window filers, and also providing ...

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