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NCE On-Air Fund-Raising For Japan Relief Efforts

To facilitate the ability of noncommercial broadcasters to undertake on-air fund-raising in support of relief efforts for victims of the earthquake/tsunami in Japan, the FCC has spelled out the easy steps necessary for noncoms to obtain waivers of the general prohibition against on-air fund-raising for non-licensees.… Continue Reading

FCC to NCE’s: Ixnay on the “Cold Refreshing Beer”

The Commission has added to the lexicon of things you can't say on the radio, if you're a noncommercial broadcaster and you're referring to people or companies who have provided you with underwriting support. This time around, the target is nothing less than (cue ominous music) . . . "cold refreshing beer".… Continue Reading

Commercial Mobile Alert System: NCE TV stations must play; NCE radio gets a pass

In the latest step toward implementing the Commercial Mobile Alert System ("CMAS"), the FCC has adopted rules requiring NCE television stations to install equipment on their digital transmitters within the next two years (approximately). In keeping with its "technological neutrality" posture, the Commission has not specified particular equipment or technologies which must be utilized, BUT … Continue Reading

NCE-FM Fined $9K for Families and Ice Cream

By Peter Tannenwald

The FCC is on the prowl again, this time striking at a station for going over the line with "underwriting" announcements before it gave up the noncommercial ship and switched to commercial status.  And the attack was on the sacred national treasure -- Tastee Freeze ice cream.

You will recall that noncommercial stations may acknowledge funding but may not use qualitative terms or suggest that listeners should make a purchase.

The announcements on this station (WCVZ, South Zanesville, Ohio) said that Tastee Freez products are "tastefully decorated" -- whoops, that says they are of good quality -- ...… Continue Reading