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Paperwork Reduction Act Alive and Kicking

The Paperwork Reduction Act is a law intended to curb the excesses of federal regulatory agencies by mandating independent review of all new regulations which impose paperwork burdens on the public. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) was appointed to be the final checkpoint on the regulatory assembly line to ensure that agencies were not overstepping. It was satisfying last week to see OMB manfully exercise a rare veto over an FCC rule.… Continue Reading

Form 355 and Website Public File Posting: Soon in the Crosshairs at OMB

By Anne Goodwin Crump

Last November, the FCC announced that it had adopted a new "enhanced" programming report for TV licensees, and also that it would require TV licensees to post pretty much all of the local public files on their respective websites.  From March 13 until May 12, we all have an opportunity to send comments on the resulting paperwork to the FCC, which will then pass the comments on to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to let them how we feel about these new burdens.

OMB gets involved because the new ...
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