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Drones for Tower Inspections? Lookout for FAA Regulations

FAA Waivers May Be Required Last summer, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued its first regulations allowing commercial flights of small unmanned aircraft (sUAS, colloquially known as drones). As we reported, those rules place a number of restrictions on flying drones for commercial use, although the agency provided the opportunity to obtain waivers of some … Continue Reading

The FCC’s Tower Approval Process: Round and Round It Goes, When Will It Stop? Nobody Knows!

FCC OK’s reopening of seemingly closed historic review process … eight years after the question is raised. Getting governmental approval to build a tower can take a long time. As a recent FCC decision demonstrates, it can take a lot longer when the government can’t decide when the approval process has come to an end. … Continue Reading

Audio Division Addresses Environmental Assessment Requirements

The Audio Division recently reminded us all of the extensive steps required to confirm that proposed tower construction will not cause unacceptable disruption to environmental, historical or cultural interests. The clear message to applicants: take the environmental certification requirement seriously before you make that certification.… Continue Reading

Antennas: When is an Omni Not an Omni?

A petitioner, relying on an obscure 1984 public notice, recently tried to block a proposed station modification by claiming (among other things) that the omnidirectional antenna proposed should be treated as a directional. Broadcasters (and particularly FM stations) with plans to change their antennas in the near term may wish to take note.… Continue Reading

Comment Deadlines Set In FCC Tower Inquiry

Back in September we reported on an invitation for comments on how to amend the rules regulating tower construction near AM stations. At long last the Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (SFNPRM) has made it into the Federal Register.   Publication in the FedReg in turn establishes the dates for comments. If you want to file comments … Continue Reading

FCC Considers Regulating Construction of Towers (and Possibly Other Structures) Near AM Antennas

 FCC – the Federal Construction Commission? As reported elsewhere on this blog, the FCC has decided to permit most directional AM licensees to use “moment method” computer programs to verify antenna performance. In a Second Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking included as a portion of that decision, the Commission has also invited comment on how to … Continue Reading

Tower Inspection Requirement Waived for Eagle, HARK Systems

By Harry Cole

At the request of two companies - American Tower Corporation (ATC) and Global Signal, Inc. (Global) - that own thousands of towers subject to the FCC's Part 17 lighting requirements, the Commission has agreed to waive the requirement that each of those towers be inspected at least every three months to confirm that their lighting systems are operating properly. ATC and Global were able to convince the Commission that their respective automatic monitoring systems provide adequate safeguards against undiscovered outages. As a result, instead of quarterly (i.e., at least every three months) inspections, ...

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