As of Valentine’s Day, St. Louis is the go-to place for all FCC fee filings (other than 700 MHz auction payments).  In a public notice released on February 12, 2008, the Commission announced that the shift from the Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh to the U.S. Bank in St. Louis will become effective as of February 14.  You can find a copy of the public notice here.

The address of the new lockbox bank:

U.S. Bank
1005 Convention Plaza
St. Louis, MO 63101

But BE CAREFUL: when fees, payments or applications are submitted to the lockbox bank, the correct Government Lockbox number must be included in the address.  That "Lockbox number" may be found in Commission’s January 25, 2008 order in which the shift to St. Louis was first adopted.  You can find that order here.

While the new lockbox does not officially take over until February 14, the Mellon Bank in Pittsburgh will no longer accept hand deliveries of courier deliveries as of February 12. 

The U.S. Bank in St. Louis will accept hand deliveries at their 1005 Convention Plaza address on a 24/7 basis.  Couriers should provide the FCC filing in a sealed envelope to the U.S. Bank’s Front Desk Security Officer, who will time/date stamp a receipt for proof of filing.

As we have previously posted on, filings inadvertently mailed to the Mellon Bank during the 45-day transition period will be date-stamped by Mellon and forwarded to U.S. Bank, and the Mellon date stamp will be the effective filing date.

In a related development, the Commission has announced that, as of February 14, 2008, the receiving bank for wire payments to the FCC will be the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, New York.  Instructions for wire payments will be posted at this site on or before the effective date.