Get your calendars out and sharpen your pencils – we have updates on some deadlines to report.

PPM Inquiry Comments — The deadlines for comments in the PPM inquiry have been announced. Comments are due July 1, 2009, and reply comments are due July 31.

Replacement DTV Translator Service rules — As we predicted, OMB appears to have had no problem with the “information collection requirements” involved in the forms for the new Replacement Digital Television Translator Service. So sure enough, the application processing rules for that service (which had been momentarily on hold) have now been cleared by OMB, and the Commission has formally announced that the newly-adopted rules governing the Replacement Digital Television Translator Service – including Section 74.787(a)(5)(i) – will become effective on June 19, 2009.

Ownership Report Comments — The Commission has confirmed, through an Erratum that the deadline for initial comments in the ownership report/diversification proceeding is in fact June 26, 2009, as we had previously reported.  Our report was based on the notice published by the Commission in the Federal Register on May 27. Imagine our surprise when, two days later, the Commission announced, in a separate notice issued through its press office, that the comment deadline would be June 29. Say what? We promptly (that is to say, on May 29, about two nanoseconds after we saw the latter notice and realized that it specified a different date than the one we had reported) inquired politely of the folks at the Commission what the correct date might be. Lo and behold, on June 1, out popped the erratum.