The key is in the call sign.

Responding to our post about the apparent glitch in CDBS which is complicating the preparation of Form 314 assignment applications for new audio (and possibly TV) construction permits, our colleague Peter Tannenwald has provided a possible work-around. According to Peter, CDBS will let you open up a new 314 for a CP sale IF the CP has a call sign. That is, the glitch appears only to occur when all you have to identify the CP is a file number and a Facility ID number.

So PT suggests that, rather than bother Konrad Herling, you can just sign up for a regular old call sign, and once that has made it through the FCC’s call sign assignment system, bingo, you should be able to open up a new 314 without a problem. Is this a great country or what!  The folks who are buying the CP can then change the call sign to one of their own choosing once the transaction has been completed, if they’re so inclined.