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Locked Out of CDBS?

Because of a glitch which we don't fully comprehend, Form 314 is "locked" - and therefore inaccessible through the normal CDBS interface - when it comes to proposed assignments of AM or FM (and possibly TV) CP's. But there's good news.… Continue Reading

Caution, E-Filers: The FCC Knows Who You Are!

Before you even think about trying to pull the wool over the Commission's eyes by hiding behind the anonymity that CDBS might seem to provide, think again. Any thought of Internet anonymity is largely illusory. Some folks in Michigan recently found that out the hard way.… Continue Reading

New Consolidated FCC Database System In the Works

Word is that the Commission is embarking on a quest for what some might view as the bureaucratic equivalent of the Impossible Dream: an Uber-consolidated on-line licensing system to unify the balkanized collection of existing systems currently in use. Paul Feldman was recently invited to participate in a brainstorming session with FCC representatives. Read his report here.… Continue Reading

New DTV Search Page Unveiled on CDBS

Another omen of the coming DTV Transition – the FCC has added a new search option to its CDBS Public Access menu. Now you have the option of clicking on “Search for DTV Station Information”, which will whisk you to a query page that permits searches based on call sign, facility ID number, channel, city/state of … Continue Reading