Last week we provided a reminder that Form 317 (for reporting broadcast DTV stations’ revenues from ancillary/supplementary services) is due by December 1. We also emphasized that this is the first year that LPTV/TV Translator/Class A TV operators will be required to file that report (and pony up the five percent fee, if applicable). In providing that last factoid, we failed to point out that the rule change expanding the reporting requirement to the lo-po universe had not technically become effective. As we reported back in July, since that requirement is technically a new “information collection” (at least as far as LPTV/TV Translator/Class A operators are concerned), it couldn’t be implemented until all the Paperwork Reduction Act hoops had been jumped through.

No problem, though. In a notice published in the Federal Register on November 28 – a comfortable three days before the December 1 filing deadline – the FCC has announced that OMB signed off on the revised language of Section 73.624(g) on November 17. And with the November 28 Register notice, the rule has become effective as of November 28, 2011.