Last month we reported on the much delayed publication of approval by the Office of Management and Budget of the reporting requirement that applies to certain 700 MHz licensees.  Now (just like we predicted in last month’s post), the FCC has announced the new date by which interim status reports are due: January 13, 2012. By that date, licensees in the EA Block A, CMA Block B, EA Block E and REAG Block C must advise the FCC of the status of construction and operation of their systems.   While no penalty attaches to failure at this point to have made progress, the interim report serves as a reminder and prod to 700 MHz licensees to get cracking. By June 13, 2013, they will be expected to have met some pretty serious build-out and service obligations (35% of their geographic area in the case of the CMA licensees).   With that deadline only a year and a half away, it’s not too early to start worrying if your system is not up or in the planning stages.