Coming Internet addresses will end in familiar media terms and trademarks, if ICANN approves.

As our readers know, the Internet space is changing. Earlier this year ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) accepted applications for “new generic top level domains” or “new gTLDs.” We reported last June that ICANN had received 1,930 applications, and we promised back then to share with you the new gTLDs applied for by broadcasters and for broadcast-related services.  The full list of new gTLDs (and their applicants) is available on the ICANN website. Applicants include a number of well-known entities, both in the U.S. and overseas:

American Broadcasting Corporation, Inc., applying for .ABC

British Broadcasting Corporation, applying for .BBC

BRS MEDIA, Inc. applying for .RADIO

The Christian Broadcasting Network, Inc., applying for .CBN

Comcast IP Holdings, LLC, applying for .COMCAST

Dish DBS Corporation, applying for .BLOCKBUSTER, .DATA, .DIRECT, .DISH, .DOT, .DTV, .LATINO, .LOCKER, .MOBILE, .MOVIE, .OLLO, .OTT and even .PHONE

European Broadcasting Union, applying for .EUROVISION and .RADIO

Frontier Communications Corporation, applying for .FRONTIER and .FTR

Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc., and its application for .FOODNETWORK

HBO Registry Services, Inc., applying for .HBO

Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc., applying for .HGTV

Dish DBS Corporation applying for .LATINO

Japan Broadcasting Corporation applying for .NHK

Limited Telefonica applying for .TELEFONICA

QVC Inc. applying for .QVC

Qatar Telecom (QTel) applied for .Qatar in two variations of Arabic, taking advantage of recent Internet changes that allow top level domains to be in a range of languages and scripts.

In addition, companies both broadcasting and non-broadcasting, applied for a range of general terms often associated with broadcasting. For example:

Applied For                  Applicants

.AUDIO                              Holly Castle

.MEDIA                              Grand Glen
                                              Tucows TLDs

.MUSIC                              Entertainment Names
                                              Charleston Road Registry (Google)
                                              Victor Cross
                                              Amazon EU
                                              dot Music Limited
                                              DotMusic/CGR E-Commerce Ltd
                                              DotMusic Inc.
                                              .music LLC

.NEWS                                Hidden Bloom
                                              Amazon EU
                                              dot News Limited
                                              DotNews Inc.
                                              PRIMER NIVEL
                                              Merchant Law Group

.RADIO                              Tin Dale, LLC
                                              European Broadcasting Union
                                              BRS MEDIA
                                              Afilias Limited

.VIDEO                               Lone Tigers
                                              Amazon EU
                                              Top Level Domain Holdings Limited

ICANN has numerous Evaluation Panels reviewing applications now. The review process is complex. It includes a wide range of technical and other factors, such as whether an applicant can handle the technical and financial requirements of running an Internet registry.  (An Internet registry is the database for a gTLD, a critical part of the Internet infrastructure.) How complex is the review process?  Very. By way of illustration, the following is a page from ICANN’s 338-page gTLD Applicant Guidebook:

Applicants who survive that initial review process may also face objections filed by governments and third parties. Such objections can be based (among other grounds) on the assertion of “legal rights” claimed by companies holding trademark interests in certain terms.  One proposed gTLD to watch on that score is “.BET”. Four companies have applied for .BET to run registries serving the gambling industry. Whether Black Entertainment Television will file a “legal rights objection” is anyone’s guess.

In future posts we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the applications (and applicants) for the more general gTLDs (like .RADIO). Check back here for more information.