PMCM completes first of two cross-country TV moves.

In June, 2009, we reported on an ambitious – some thought hare-brained (or worse) – effort by PMCM TV, LLC to relocate two television stations from Ely, Nevada and Jackson, Wyoming to Middletown Township, New Jersey and Wilmington, Delaware, respectively.

We are pleased to announce that Phase One of that project has been completed. As you can see by clicking on the video below, Station KJWP, Channel 2, Wilmington, Delaware, has now signed on the air:


Delaware now has its first operational commercial VHF TV station since the 1950s. In fact, the last time Delawarians saw a commercial VHF station licensed to their state, some of the programs now showing on MeTV were first run features. (The station is an affiliate of the popular Me-TV network — “Me-TV” stands for Memorable Television — featuring classic shows from the ’50s through the ’80s.) PMCM is in the process of developing locally-produced nonentertainment programming to provide Wilmington and the rest of the station’s service area with the benefits of a local station.

Consistent with the unusual nature of this project from the get-go, KJWP has retained its distinctive “K”-prefix call sign even though it’s now east of the Mississippi.

Construction of KJWP was completed in just five months: the construction permit authorizing the long-distance move was granted on June 19, 2013, and the switch turning on program test operation in Wilmington was thrown on November 18. Credit for that impressive accomplishment goes to PMCM principal Robert McAllan (seen in the video, appropriately enough, flipping the switch), who was in charge of all phases of the move. While some additional work still needs to be completed here and there, Bob, a long-time broadcaster, has managed to pull off a near-miracle. (His work isn’t over, though – next stop, Middletown Township!)

Fletcher Heald is proud to have played a role in PMCM’s effort from Day One. Past performance is, of course, not a guarantee of future results – particularly here, where the unique circumstances of PMCM’s feat are not likely to occur again. But we like to think that we are entitled to some props on the lawyering side for helping PMCM recognize and take advantage of an extraordinary opportunity.