As we reported just yesterday, the new protections for AM signals from nearby construction have taken effect. We also noted that those protections are somewhat complex.

Here comes the Commission to the rescue! As it turns out, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau, in coordination with the Media Bureau, has developed a cool tool to facilitate compliance. If you’re planning to construct or modify a tower – and remember, the working definition of "tower" in this context is extremely broad – all you do is go to, enter the location of your proposed construction and hit the button. Voilà, the tool tells you of all AM facilities – both operating and authorized-but-not-yet-operating – within the coordination area specified in Section 1.30002. That should make the new notification procedure considerably easier on all concerned.

Thanks, and kudos, to the helpful folks in the Wireless and Media Bureaus for recognizing the likely utility of such a tool and then making it happen.