Our friend Michael Marcus has been busy. Lucky for us.

We recently reported on a Notice of Inquiry (NOI) seeking input on the possible use of millimeter wave frequencies (i.e., 24 GHz and north) for mobile communications. Our friend, Michael Marcus, a spectrum-savvy engineer (and former FCC official) who knows a lot more than a thing or two about these things, has delved deeply into the NOI and distilled from it a jaw-dropping list of the questions posed by the Commission. We encourage anyone interested in this proceeding to take a gander at Mike’s handiwork – but it’s not for the faint of heart: running 12 single-spaced pages, it includes 176 separate questions (along with the modestly cautionary disclaimer that “This enumeration is thought to be correct, but is not guaranteed.”).

Elsewhere on his own SpectrumTalk blog, Dr. Marcus calls readers’ attention to a recently published textbook, Millimeter Wave Wireless Communications, by four “major pioneers” in the area. (Those would be Theodore S. Rappaport, Robert W. Heath Jr., Robert C. Daniels and James N. Murdock.) According to Mike, the book ties together information from a variety of sources.Would-be millimeter wave mavens may want to check it out.