When he reported on the FCC’s proposal to overhaul its equipment authorization processes, our colleague Mitchell Lazarus observed that, “[f]or an NPRM of this scope and complexity, the comment periods are brutally short.” He was not alone in that view. The Telecommunications Industry Association, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Consumer Electronics Association and the American National Standards Institute Accredited Standards Committee C63 all felt strongly enough about the brevity of the comment periods that they asked the FCC for more time to respond and, lo and behold, the Commission has agreed.

So you can tack on an extra 30 days for comments and a very generous 49 extra days for replies: the modified deadlines are October 9, 2015 for comments and November 9 for replies. (Don’t forget that the issues out for comment include provisions for possible expansion of the FCC’s e-labeling rules as mandated by Congress, along with many other changes relating to equipment authorization procedures.) As always, comments and replies may be filed through the FCC’s ECFS online filing system; refer to Proceeding No. 15-170.